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Our Story

It has been estimated that more than 500K tonnes of leather are wasted every year. Traditional leather industry only uses the central part of the hide for their products, which results in 60% of the leather produced not being used and often ending up in landfills and rivers of our planet, creating a huge environmental problem.

Our journey began in 2017 as a result of observing these environmental challenges caused by the fashion industry. Soruka was born as part of the solution, offering sustainable fashion without compromising style or quality.

Inspired by the concept of circular fashion and motivated to be a zero waste company, we started to search for what could we do with the discarded leather to give it a new life, always to reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

The result: unique and timeless fashion accessories, designed in Barcelona and produced with recovered or recycled materials, promoting more conscious consumption.

It is an exciting challenge to use and transform useless materials into useful and unique creations while contributing to a better future.

Josep (Founder Soruka)

We want to be part of the change:

0 tonnes

of leather rescued each year

0 million

liters of water saved annually

0% of our

employees are women

0 fair jobs

provided by Soruka’s producers in India

We believe that conscious fashion is not only possible but necessary and urgent. We want to contribute to fairer fashion for producers, consumers, and the planet.

  • Upcycling circular
    We rescue rejected materials and give them a new life, creating products with more value. We recycle, reuse and transform waste into useful and beautiful fashion accessories, promoting sustainable use of resources and being more respectful of people and the planet.
  • Living Craft
    We deeply value and thank the people who give life to each creation; the artisans are the guardians of traditional techniques. Their knowledge, experience, love for detail, and a job well done give a special value and character to every piece.
  • Uniqueness
    In a world flooded with homogeneous and standardized products, uniqueness injects life, identity, and qualities that make each accessory a special and valuable piece in itself.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more sustainable future.

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