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Our leathers

Our recycled leathers come from post-industrial leather waste, reducing demand for new primary materials and diverting waste from landfills. By choosing our products, you play a vital role in conserving valuable resources and reducing your carbon footprint.

For us, sustainability means respecting the material, using every part we can so that nothing is wasted and this guarantees the uniqueness of each of our products.

Our bags are made with recycled leather that has been wasted by factories (offcuts and leftover leather) and deadstock materials. Deadstock materials are leftover leather that is no longer useful to businesses and is sold for various reasons; including surplus, not meeting aesthetic requirements, being too small in quantity to make a collection, or no longer in fashion.

We rescue this stock before it is thrown away and give it a new life.

As we use deadstock materials, scraps and leftover leather, it is impossible to make two identical bags, making each bag unique and unrepeatable!

Each colour combination will always be different, which means there may be slight imperfections and variations in texture and colour, making each product truly unique. The types of skins that we rescue are the following:

CLASSIC LEATHER: Made from the fibrous part of the skin that remains once the top grain has been removed.

PRINTED LEATHER: Imitating different animal skins such as leopard, zebra, etc., known for their unique textures and patterns.

SOFT GRAIN LEATHER: Typically made from high quality leathers that have been treated and processed to achieve their luxurious and soft appearance.

TURNED SKIN: Made from the underside of the skin, giving it a soft and velvety texture.

SKIN CRUNCH: It has a wrinkled or folded surface. This effect is deliberately achieved to add depth and a look and vintage aspect.

FUNKY SKIN: Snake/Crocodile/Fantasy Printed Skin.


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